Tollesbury is a village in Essex with sea on three sides, fringed by marshes where birds have the space to hold big meetings. Amongst these busy birds you may spot (in due season, and if you're handy with binoculars), a whimbrel, which is a funny little fowl with an outrageously long curved beak that does indeed look like a whim of Nature's.

And close to the centre of Tollesbury itself you can spot (without binoculars) the WhimbrelArt gallery, where you will find pictures and other objets de vertu produced in this unique corner of England.

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Opening times

WhimbrelArt is open on Saturday mornings from 10 am to 12 noon.

Getting to WhimbrelArt

If you drive into Tollesbury on the B1023, you eventually come to The Square (which is actually a triangle) on the right. It is is Tollesbury's crown, whose jewels include the bus-shelter and pub. Continue about 100 metres and WhimbrelArt is on your right. (If you get to the pharmacy, also on the right, you have gone too far.)

Our street address is 2 East Street, Tollesbury, CM9 8QD.

Social media

You can follow WhimbrelArt on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Artists represented

WhimbrelArt is currently showing work from over twenty artists. Short puffs for them are appearing here as they become available.
Carolyn Buxton was tutored in weaving and embroidery at Goldsmiths by such icons as Constance Howard, Christine Riseley and Betty Swanwick. Recently Carolyn has branched out into painting with acrylics.
Kevin Flower, who trained at Loughborough School of Art, is Head of Art at the Plume Academy. He examines the landscape and buildings of Essex using mixed media, firmly underpinned by drawing,
Anita Frost combines sterling silver with other metals, and materials such as local sea glass and found wood, to make Salty Silver jewellery. Her maker's mark is registered at the London Assay Office.
Nicola Graham experiments with ways of representing nature in watercolour, augmented by media such as acrylics and pastels, collaged on different types of paper. Today Nicola is obsessed with hares and bees. Tomorrow, who knows?
Steffan Gregory studied art at Barking College, and paints figures, landscapes and still lifes in oils. He is open to commissions.
Yvonne Leguit studied photography at the London College of Printing. She captures seascapes and the people who work in them, privileging form over colour. Yvonne documented the renovation of the Tollesbury smack Charlotte Ellen.
Nicola Nash was a fashion editor and stylist before moving to Tollesbury. She paints figurative, fashion-related pictures in mixed media.
Sharon Oswald I've been painting animals for nearly ten years, and I'm often asked to paint pets. Sometimes I use realistic colours, and sometimes I don't—and when I don't, I don't!
John Woodwark produces letterpress posters from metal and wood type on a hand-operated proofing press at the Central Eye print studio. Many of his posters acquire different meanings as you get closer. And closer.